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December 6, 2013 | 1

There are a lot of reasons to start writing poetry, but McSweeney’s gives you a list on when to put the pen down. “You were witty that one time while drinking wine at book club” is not an excuse.

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  1. Bad Poetry Rule No. 1 – No one believes they are the person being talked about in the “bad poetry and who should put their pen down-type articles.” Rule applies ten-fold if they are the person who wrote the article on who should put their pen down.

    Bad Poetry Rule No. 2 (the Anti-Bad Poetry Rule) – The quiet lady in the sweater with bunnies and deer at the open mic is always the best poet. Unless the girl who has to take the short bus back to her group house is there that night — then she’s the best poet.

    Bad Poetry Rule No. 3 – The guy in the hat with the trimmed beard is going to read a poem he just wrote on a soggy napkin at the bar.

    Bad Poetry Rule No. 4 – No one who reads their erotic poetry will ever be the one you wish would read their erotic poetry.

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