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November 10, 2013 | 3

Newsweek Senior Writer (and Millions contributor) Alexander Nazaryan has a new interview with William T. Vollmann up on Newsweek’s website. To start things off right, he reports that if Vollman were to win the Nobel Prize, he’d enjoy giving a decent chunk of the prize money to prostitutes.

is a staff writer for The Millions. He lives in New York.


  1. Awesome. Think of all the Thai girls he can buy from their dads if he wins! [see reference by Alexander Nazaryan in interview cited above]

    But hey, even if he doesn’t win, there’s always lighting out to Kyrgyzstan and doing a bridal “hit and run.” You don’t even need cash for that. Maybe just a club. And some Tide for the bloody sheets. (See sidebar “top article” reference next to interview cited above, and related tweets)

  2. Just one more item re interview and his included pix.

    Re Vollman’s drag excursions as “sad old lady Dolores.”

    Quote: “So much of the destruction on Earth has been wrought by men. Women are the ones who give life and try to pick up the pieces…. What a great gender they are.”

    As Self-Designated Representative of all sad old ladies, I would like to just say, “Thank you, Bill.” (I find my new steam Swiffer very helpful in this work.)

    Actually, he/she still looks pretty f*ckable to me, mid- to late 50’s and strangely hot… in a late-Nico kinda way.

    Moe Murph
    Surprisely Happy “Old Lady”
    Washington DC

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