Bad Yet Vital

August 19, 2013 | 1

As you may have heard from our own Bill Morris, The Canyons, the new movie starring James Deen and Lindsey Lohan, is a bad film that somehow manages to be worth watching anyway. At the LARB, Naomi Fry agrees with this assessment, arguing that the film is important because it “identifies how desperately many of us still want to believe that the larger-than-life, commodified good life is still available to us.”

is a staff writer for The Millions. He lives in New York.

One comment:

  1. Anything the critics are getting out of this movie is something they had already brought with them, and the move is giving them a chance to present their ideas as if it’s an organic part of the experience of watching the movie. The Canyons isa pitch-perfect example of incompetence and devoid of any significant meaning beyond what it gives you, which is nothing. The movie is literally empty. The acting is horrible, the script is sub-telenovela, the camera work is film schoolish, and Schrader seems to have forgetten how to edit. Some of these quasi-positive reviews are acting as if this movie, despite itself, is the skeleton key to understanding the current zeitgeist. I’m more interested in way some critics are so intent on giving trash like this a pass, why they want it to be something it so clearly is not.

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