On the Rise and Fall of John Horne Burns

June 15, 2013 | 2

How do you describe the life and times of John Horne Burns? He was in turn a military intelligence officer, a schoolteacher, a critical darling after he published The Gallery, a pariah after he published anything else, and a gay man in post-WWII America. In characteristic concision, Ernest Hemingway summed the whole thing up thusly: “There was a fellow who wrote a fine book and then a stinking book about a prep school, and then he just blew himself up.”

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  1. You got the order wrong: he was a school teacher before the war, and he always felt himself to be a pariah; and he was never a “gay man.

    Moreover, the aging Hemingway seems a dubious voice to sum up the complicated Burns.

    But what’s really sad is that you’re too flip to acknowledge how amazing some passages in The Gallery were and still are.

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