Feeling Lonely Tonight?

April 11, 2013 | 1 book mentioned 1

Jeff Ragsdale (Jeff, One Lonely Guy) produced, shot and edited an “immersion documentary” in which he accompanied Canadian escorts on hundreds of calls over a span of several months. The half-hour film is entitled “30 Nights with a Call Girl.” Millions readers may recall Ragsdale’s work from its mention in our own Sonya Chung’s essay “On Loneliness.”

works on special projects for The Millions. He lives in Baltimore and he frequents dive bars. His interests can be followed on his Tumblr, Nick Recommends and Twitter, @nemoran3.

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  1. As one of the escorts who he went on calls with, that refused to sign any contracts after seeing how information and footage where twisted and edited, and who was told this was scrapped and will not be used I am very intrigued to see it is going ahead. What Mr. Ragsdale has forgotten, is not only did he tape us, but we taped him. Including his drunk encounters with canadian police. What about the facebook FBI thing? Jeff, if you see this I hope you know that you have no legal right to use the information, footage, our stories or likeness without our permission. To the person who put up this story, thanks. I need all the documentation I can get. Maybe ask Mr. Ragsdale about the footage we have of him that we might use to counteract him lying to us.

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