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November 17, 2012 | 2

HTML Giant contributor Jimmy Chen has written a masterful and hysterical piece for McSweeney’s entitledRaymond Carver’s OKCupid Profile, Edited by Gordon Lish.”

works on special projects for The Millions. He lives in Baltimore and he frequents dive bars. His interests can be followed on his Tumblr, Nick Recommends and Twitter, @nemoran3.


  1. Nick,

    Totally random question here, but why the strike-out? I don’t mean in a justification sense, but literally: what does that mean in terms of style and message conveyed in a blog post post when something is struck out like that? How should I process that as a reader?

    I’ve seen that every now and again in blog posts over the past few years, and I confess I’ve been confused by it often, unless there is an immediately clear meaning (i.e. something about it changed obviously – the link, the name, etc.) But sometimes nothing obvious has changed.

    In this case, at first I thought it meant that the piece was formerly in McSweeney’s but maybe moved – but the link still takes me to McSweeney’s. Did an editor who doesn’t think it is as good strike it out after you posted? (But then there is only one name to the post and no ed. note.) The only other thing I can think is that upon reflection, it is not so “masterful” and “hysterical” after all, but just amusing in a “normal” sense – hence the strike-out to de-qualify it. If this is the case, why not just delete the qualification?

    I know this might seem like a silly question, but this is the 20th or so strike out I’ve seen and just didn’t get in recent months, and I finally have to ask someone.

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