Very Short Story Contest

July 7, 2012 | 3

Want a chance to win $200 and a shot at glory? Consider entering The Coffin Factory’s “Very Short Story Contest.” The deadline is August 15th.

works on special projects for The Millions. He lives in Baltimore and he frequents dive bars. His interests can be followed on his Tumblr, Nick Recommends and Twitter, @nemoran3.


  1. I have to say I think this is a bad, bad deal.

    You have to pay $10 to enter. If you win, you get $200. Runners-up get the “glory” of publication and a copy of the magazine.

    They are fundraising on the hopes of unknown authors, so that they can publish work by people like Joyce Carol Oats and Milan Kundera. In my opinion, this is the WORST way to raise money for a publication.

    No wonder comments are closed on their posting.

  2. Sounds like somebody is pissed off because their writing sucks and they can’t get into a good magazine

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