Truthiness and the Realish

May 15, 2012 | 1

Now that NPR has begun fact checking his work, it’s come to light that David Sedaris is a liar. Or, he sort of embellishes. His work is ‘realish.’ So basically, he tells stories. On NPR.  Which is feeling pretty sensitive abut the line between truth and truthiness after the Mike Daisey upset.

is the editor of Little Brother Magazine, and the #LitBeat editor for The Millions. She also acts as the Toronto editor for Joyland. And she tweets, too.

One comment:

  1. Sedaris is a humorist, working in a long, honored tradition. Did people think James Thurber or Mark Twain didn’t exaggerate? Exaggeration is the crux of humor. NPR, sigh.

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