On The Rise of the Book Trailer

March 1, 2012 | 1 book mentioned 1

“These are terrific diversions, but their status next to the book is a little ambiguous. Isn’t using animation to advertise a book a little like using sculpture to promote poetry?” asks Lindesay Irvine in this article about book trailers in The Guardian.  If you’re looking for a diversion, this video short based on César Aira‘s Ghosts is certainly worth watching.

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  1. Book trailers haven’t fully found their form yet, but there’s definitely an artistic connection to be found between the forms. I runs a company that creates book trailers that are cinematic, affordable, and hopefully stylish. One way or the other, authors and publishers need a visual component to build fan bases and sell more books. Why not make something really cool and cinematic rather than the same old slide show with still frames that makes people not want to read anything.

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