Artistic Dachshunds

February 15, 2012 | 4

On the NY Daily News’ Page Views blog, Alexander Nazaryan writes about the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show’s most neglected — yet also most literary — member breed: the dachshund. “No dog,” Nazaryan writes, “has been more widely loved by writers and artists than the dachshund.” Comedian Streeter Seidell agrees that the dachshund was slighted, and calls for a “fan favorite” award next year.

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  1. No question dachsies get shorted in the doggie-attentiveness category.

    Big Dog Biscuit for you for putting a focus on this breed!

  2. Kanine kudoes for your nod to this breed!

    The kings of the go world: elegant, intelligent, and darn good-looking!

    Best Regards

    Jack (Kerouac) Liddle

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