Self-Publishing… With Penguin

November 18, 2011 | 2

Want to be published by Penguin? For $99 (£60), you can! As stated in this Guardian article, “Penguin USA will provide the service through its genre-fiction online community, Book Country, which launched in May offering wannabe authors the opportunity to post their work online and receive feedback.” The news comes on the heels of Amazon’s announcement that Amanda Hocking has become the second self-published author to tally 1,000,000 Kindle sales.

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  1. A very bad deal and the details make it look like Penguin is trying to take advantage of the uninformed. There are several aggregators out there who work much cheaper than this and whose agreements don’t take a piece of everything from the author.

    Konrath came back from his blogging hiatus last week to warn the self-published how bad this deal is. I have nothing to add to his take on it so I’ll just suggest those interested check it out here:

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