Barnes & Noble to Go the Way of Borders

November 1, 2011 | 3

According to a report for The Wall Street Journal (paywall), Barnes & Noble will be lessening its floor space allotted to traditional books in order to make way for more Nook displays. Over at Melville House’s blog, MobyLives, publisher Dennis Johnson speculates that this move could signify the end of the road for Barnes & Noble as a bookseller.

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  1. They’re only putting up an extra table or two in the front of the store to sell Nooks, not actually getting rid of bookshelves. One of the tables for new arrivals is just moving elsewhere

  2. They did this months ago in Tribeca. All the fiction shelves were emptied, moved to the back of the store, and replaced with giant, Apple-store-ish, Nook displays.

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