Entourage v. Mad Men

September 12, 2011 | 3

Is “Entourage” just “Mad Men” set in modern times? This article, of course, must be paired with CarlesGrantland piece, “I Don’t Want to Bro Up, I’m an ‘Entourage’ Kid.”

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  1. Ah no….

    Mad Men appeals to those individuals who would like to see a bit more sophistication in society, independent of the painful levels of homophobia, misogyny, and racism of the time.

    Entourage is simply a reality show glorifying the dullard lives of today’s man-boys complete with Hummers, flip-flops, and slovenly behavior. Hence the reason it lasted 8 seasons.

  2. hmm, there is certainly some gloss in mad men but i never get the feeling that the writers want us to worship the characters, don draper is a deeply sad character, as are many of the characters on mad men, maybe it’s the kind of show like all in the family where some people can like it for the surface glamor but to me those are the people that don’t really get it. I see it more as a takedown of “the good ole days,” not a glorification.

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