Paperback Swap

August 29, 2011 | 2

Paperback Swap lets you can swap your books with other community members.

works on special projects for The Millions. He lives in Baltimore and he frequents dive bars. His interests can be followed on his Tumblr, Nick Recommends and Twitter, @nemoran3.


  1. BookMooch ( is another site that does the same thing, except the community is much more communal and you’re not constantly bombarded with attempts to convince you to spend money instead.

    I’ve used both sites in the past and was extremely dissatisfied with Paperback Swap to the point where I canceled my account with points left unspent. I’ve acquired many great books from BookMooch, however, and highly recommend it.

  2. Sheet Man… PaperBackSwap is so much better than BookMooch – You must be crazy. PBS has more books, more info and reviews on the books … And if you can’t find your “precious book” you can transfer your creds to their sister sites – SwapaCD & SwapaDVD. Don’t want to swap? Just buy a credit and have it shipped to your door for $3.45! That beats Amazon’s cheapest used books. PBS Rocks!

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