Distraction-Free Writing Platforms

August 12, 2011 | 3

A new distraction-free writing platform has emerged. Can QuietWrite unseat WriteRoom as the best tool for internet-enabled authors?

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  1. My own favorite distraction-free writing software is OmmWriter–it runs full screen and creates a sort of zen experience with neutral sound (or music) in the background, as well as satisfying tones as you press the keys. It’s sort of tough to describe, but it’s a peaceful experience and has worked well each time I’ve used it (and God knows I need to use it to get anything done!)

  2. Here’s a second nomination for Scrivener. I hardly ever use the full screen mode, but when I do, it’s marvelous. When I need to check how I spelled a character’s name or how a dragon says “castle”, I can quickly jump out of full screen, get what I need, and then pop back into full screen. Excellent software.

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