Does Hollywood Screw Up Science Fiction?

October 15, 2010 | 2 books mentioned 3

“Look. There are are only two truly great science fiction movies. The first is Stanley Kubrick’s 2001The second is Blade Runner…You may disagree with this statement. You would be wrong. Let’s move on.” Damien Walter at Guardian accuses Hollywood of screwing up science fiction.

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  1. Sure, Hollywood screws up science fiction, cuz it cares nothing about the science. But there are a few other excellent sf films — the recent “Moon” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” among them.

  2. I’m not a particularly big fan of Science Fiction, but when I read this I almost had a heart attack – immediately excellent films such as A Clockwork Orange, Alphaville, Solaris and Primer came to mind. Then I realized the Guardian piece was just blog/commenter bait. Pffft.

  3. Well it’s not over yet mister is all I could say to him. Albiet Inception was as dull and boring as any movie ever gets…

    Still Delany’s Dhalgren and Pohl’s Gateway haven’t even been given a treatment.

    I never forget what Mr. Spielberg said, he said he never reads. I think the last book he read was The Color Purple.

    Turns out Hollywood doesn’t appear to either. Hopefully the new generation will be more intelligent!

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