Flavorwire’s Top 10 Bookstores in the United States

September 3, 2010 | 2

Flavorwire presents a list of its ten favorite bookstores in the United States and requests that you “buy something fer crissakes.”

is a staff writer for The Millions. Her most recent novel, Station Eleven, was a 2014 National Book Awards finalist. She is married and lives in Brooklyn. www.emilymandel.com.


  1. Pointing this out one more time: Why are we applauding a piece that starts out with a baseless assertion that “Bookstores are dying”?

    Can we stop saying this? Please? As though it’s a fact, or really, at all relevant to what any of us are trying to do? Can we please remember that all my go-to indies — McNally, Word, Greenlight, Idlewild, Powerhouse, Desert Island — have OPENED, not closed, in the last 6 years, and no one seems to want to stop tossing around depressing, unfounded conventional wisdom?

  2. Oh, just presenting someone’s utterly subjective top-ten list, not applauding it per se. It gave me a whole new list of stores of that I absolutely have to visit someday; I’ve only been to two out of the ten.

    WORD, Greenlight and McNally Jackson are my go-to bookstores too! I know most of the booksellers in those three stores by name; they’re wonderful places, and it’s great that they’re there. At the same time, I feel like every second or third issue of Shelf Awareness brings news of yet another independent bookstore closing, so I can’t necessarily fault the writer of this piece for sounding the alarm.

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