Who do you Write Like?

July 13, 2010 | 8

Do you write like Stephen King? Or how about Chuck Palahniuk?  That’s what the I Write Like website told me when I entered my work into their little magical computer program–of course, I had to do it more than once!

is a staff writer and contributing editor for The Millions. She is the author of the novella If You're Not Yet Like Me, the New York Times bestselling novel, California, and Woman No. 17. She is the editor of Mothers Before: Stories and Portraits of Our Mothers As We Never Saw Them.


  1. It says I write like Vladimir Nabokov and Stephen King. (I had to try it twice, too.) But seriously: do you think it’s really an analysis? Or a gimmick to get exposure for the company’s journal software? I say gimmick. (I also say I’m glad it didn’t tell me I write like Dan Brown.)

  2. It says I write like Nabokov and/or Joyce – depending on which characters POV I use for analysis. This may explain why I’m having so much trouble selling my paranormal YA romance. ;)

  3. Maria, I think it’s probably a gimmick–but all in good fun. I assume they only have a handful of authors to choose from, all of them household names.

    Fawn, your comment made me laugh!

  4. It’s very entertaining. I write like J.D. Salinger, Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, and Raymond Chandler, depending on the sample I plug in. These are all big sellers. Looks like I have a prosperous future ahead of me.

    But want to get a good giggle out of this “analysis”? Copy-paste the text from a well-known author. James Joyce writes like, well, James Joyce, but Emily Bronte writes like Charles Dickens and Margaret Atwood owes her prose to Daniel Defoe, while Jennifer Egan, according to the machine, writes like Dan Brown…

  5. Not the most reliable. I tried 2 different paragraphs from Rowling’s Casual Vacancy. One said Stephenie Meyer (I’m not sure Rowling would be flattered by that) and the other said Kurt Vonnegut. And there is no way the style of Twilight and Slaughterhouse-Five are the same!
    Entertaining though!

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