J.E. Fishman on The New York Times

On The Nervous Breakdown this week, J.E. Fishman considers the book review practices of The New York Times:My view is very much eastern, very much old school, where a book review from the Times was the only sure sign that an author had arrived.  But maybe it’s time to rethink that, and this rethinking has been long overdue.”

is a staff writer for The Millions. Her most recent novel, Station Eleven, was a 2014 National Book Awards finalist. She is married and lives in Brooklyn. www.emilymandel.com.

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  1. What are modern, equivalent alternatives to your book getting a review in the NYT (daily or Sunday)? A mention on a popular blog is nice, but is it even roughly equivalent?

    I read the linked piece, but didn’t see much new there. Authors whose books aren’t reviewed in the NYT have always lamented this, and have always sought to downgrade the importance of getting a review in the NYT. It was thus before the Web and it will be thus in the era of the successor to the Web.

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