Bone Worship is Hot

May 25, 2010 | 3

Did occasional Millions contributor Elizabeth Eslami publish a literary novel–or a porno?  At The Nervous Breakdown, she writes about the trouble with titles.

is a staff writer and contributing editor for The Millions. She is the author of the novella If You're Not Yet Like Me, the New York Times bestselling novel, California, and Woman No. 17. She is the editor of Mothers Before: Stories and Portraits of Our Mothers As We Never Saw Them.


  1. Loved the post! Now I want to go buy the book. I shared the post link on my Facebook as “When bad titles happen to good authors.”


  2. As a quick follow-up, I’m on the final chapters now, and I really like this book. I’m not a very good book reviewer, but I’ll say that the narrative switches between 1st person for the main plot, and third person for the narratives of times gone by, and the mechanic works very well. The book is very believable; it feels very real. Well done, Ms. Eslami, well done.

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