The Bookless Library

September 8, 2009 | 3

Administrators at Cushing Academy in Massachusetts “have decided to discard all their books and have given away half of what stocked their sprawling stacks – the classics, novels, poetry, biographies, tomes on every subject from the humanities to the sciences. The future, they believe, is digital.” (Thanks to Millions reader Laurie who asks, “So what happens when the power goes out?”)

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  1. They replaced their 20,000 books with 18 Kindles. WOW. An entire 18 people can use their “library” at the same time. Oh, I forgot about the 3 tvs that they can also be watching.

    Ah, but the students didn’t want those smelly old books anyway:
    “School officials said when they checked library records one day last spring only 48 books had been checked out, and 30 of those were children’s books.”

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