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August 16, 2009 | 11

coverThe Millions, at any given time, has ten regular paid contributors and has been host to over a hundred guest contributors, including some of the literary world’s leading voices.  With all this going on, we’ve long felt the great writing here needed a little room to breathe.  With The Millions having outgrown its bloggy roots, and with needs that long ago surpassed my meager abilities as a web designer, we decided it was time to give The Millions a redesign that reflected the breadth of criticism, commentary, and reporting you’ve come to expect from the site.

So first, a quick tour.  The new front page showcases two main headlines – these will be our two most recent essays or reviews – along with a dozen more recently published stories below.

Underneath that is a new section called Curiosities.  Throughout the day, we’ll be sharing interesting links and tidbits here.  Those of you who read The Millions via RSS will see Curiosities in the feed along with the rest of our content.

Also in the lower area are category-based links into our archives, as well as our monthly Top Ten.  At the top right of the page, you’ll find a search box for the site and for Amazon.

If you you have any feedback or see anything broken, please let me know.

It’s not an easy time to be running an independent literature and culture publication that pays its writers, but we strongly believe that we can help fill the gap as coverage shrinks elsewhere.  If you’d like to support this effort (or are just inclined to give a housewarming gift), please visit our support page.

Thanks for reading The Millions!

created The Millions and is its publisher. He and his family live in New Jersey.


  1. Congratulations Millions. It looks so nice I can’t decide whether I want to kiss it or put it on my special show-off shelf of first editions, signed copies, and otherwise beautifully jacketed.

  2. I loved you before, but now I’m “in love” with you. The new format is gorgeous. Clean, crisp and utterly chic. Congratulations on your new look and kudos to the contributors, editors and staff!

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  4. What a surprise! This is absolutely awesome. Kind of reminds me of the new NPR website – albeit better. The Millions continues to improve. Good job!

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