October 6, 2008
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  • CJR unveils new software in the quest to stamp out “gotcha journalism.”

    * Charlie Gibson, September 11, 2008:
    Question: “Have you ever met a foreign head of state?”
    Gotcha Quotient: 95
    Reason: First of all, foreign policy-related questions are incredibly unfair…

  • Tennis reprints David Foster Wallace’s feature essay from its September 1996 issue.
  • Perhaps not the most useful link in these tight times: “The Most Expensive Things I could Find On” (Note: several of these are out of stock. Coincidence?)
  • None of you saw this coming: Rapper Coolio to release his own cookbook.
  • Cindy Sherman’s famous librarian “Untitled Film Still” fetched $900k at a recent auction.

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