Publishing Trend: Histories of India and Pakistan

August 13, 2007 | 5 books mentioned 4

India’s economy is growing at a tremendous clip with its expanding, highly educated workforce competing for jobs with Western economies. Pakistan, whose President-General is allied with the U.S., in many ways has become a crucial partner (and some say a liability) in America’s adventures and misadventures overseas since 9/11. Both countries have made the world nervous with nuclear posturing over the last decade or so. So it is natural that on the sixtieth anniversary of both countries’ creation via bloody partition, a number of books have recently been published chronicling this pivotal moment in recent history. I’ve listed five of these books on the birth of Pakistan below (Please use the comments to let us know about any I’ve missed.)

The Great Partition and Indian Summer seem to be getting the most press, with both being discussed in a recent Slate article.


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  1. There is one important book from India that you have missed out. It's a novel called Beyond the Newsroom, written by an experienced journalist Oswald Pereira. It is said to be India's first novel to describe the unholy nexus between the fourth estate and the underworld. To learn more about the book, please go to

  2. I simply loved reading the novel Beyond the Newsroom. Since I've been associated with journalists as a communication specialist, the characters of the corrupt Indian journalists seemed so real to me.

  3. What Sheen says is so very true. Like journalists do campaign stories, I wish we could do a campaign on corruption among journalists.

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