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August 18, 2007 | 8

I just got off the phone with Liane Hansen of NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday. The show asked me to be a part of their Summer Reading series, which asks a guest each week what they’ve been reading, what they’ll read next, and what they’d read if they had all the time in the world. Hopefully, I don’t sound too nervous (it was my first time on the radio – a little nerve-wracking). But if you want to tune in, it’ll be on midway through the show’s second hour tomorrow. The segment will be posted on their website as well, so I’ll post a link here after it airs.

Update: You can now listen to the segment online if you missed it on the radio.

created The Millions and is its publisher. He and his family live in New Jersey.


  1. You have just lived my ultimate fantasy: to be interviewed on NPR! Wow. Congrats. Lucia Silva is one of their regular book commentators–wouldn't it be strange if you BOTH were on the same segment?

  2. Hadn't heard of your blog yet but went right to it after hearing your NPR debut. Looks like a great blog and I'm looking forward to getting familiar with it!

  3. Hi Max magee.

    second try at commenting. Liked your comments on NPR – great idea of Ms Hansen to inteview people that way — then your comments on Mutis novel struck me becse i was given a copy of book sev. yrsago, and never picked it up; now i will.

    I'd like yr advice on setting up a Mideast book blog (in region no official freedom of speech or press) soemthing like yu have done.

    Thanks and good luck!

    Jim D

  4. Hi Max,
    Just heard your NPR summer favorites and was not surprised at your choice of One Hundred Years of Solitude—but was quite surprised to hear you mention The Maqroll. I know you are not a Spanish speaker but perhaps asking for advice on pronunciation would have been more helpful to listeners. It's no wonder Liane Hansen expressed surprise at your mention of Álvaro Mutis as he is unknown in the U.S. but well known outside and among readers of Hispanic literature. Your pronunciation of Maqroll sounded like mackeral (the fish) when it should be ma-KROLL, and the author's name is AL-var-oh Moo-TEESE. Álvaro, a personal friend, has won numerous literary prizes and resides in Mexico City. I'm pleased to hear your recommendations, and so would he, and yes, their association goes back more than 50 years when they both lived in Bogota.

  5. Disregard the seeming uptight and snippy comment by "Don" regarding your mispronouncing the author Maqroll's name. He should instead be more than happy that his "personal" friend's work is being touted on NPR in addition to another Hispanic writer unknown in the U.S. getting a mention.

    Perhaps "Don" will someday have the honor of being a guest on NPR and understand the nervousness and somewhat overwhelm that must accompany it. (No intention to insult this person, but he should remember the adage of walking a mile in another's shoes)

    You sounded great! I now have a terrific new source for books. Have a good day.

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