The n+1 Spillover

March 14, 2007 | 3

If you haven’t seen the action in the comments of Garth’s reply to n+1’s column on litblogs, it’s worth a look, as the discussion has, shall we say, flowed onward. Mark, meanwhile, has begun posting “an irregular featurette” called “The n+1 Letters” in which he revisits the correspondence he has had with the magazine in question. Here at The Millions we tend to take a more dispassionate view the literary scuffles that crop up from time to time, but being in the middle of this one hasn’t been entirely unpleasant. It’s entertaining at the very least.

Update: Scott has expressed his queasiness with the tack Mark is taking, and I’ll admit to sharing that discomfort. (I would not republish private correspondence without permission.) Also, n+1 editor Keith Gessen has now left a comment at the original post.

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  1. Thank you Max!

    I thought I was the only one who was uncomfortable seeing private correspondence posted online.

  2. I find it quite interesting that Gessen's comment on TEV indicated no objection to his personal emails being published online. Sure, maybe he objected directly to Sarvas, but if he truly objects you'd still expect to see some sort of public outrage from him in his blog comment.

  3. for someone as distrustful of online media and blogs as gessen claims to be, he certainly gets ruffled about stuff that gets said about him online.

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