A Year in Reading: Your Best Books

December 4, 2006

It’s that’s time of year again. For the third year running, I have asked a number of writers, bloggers, and readers to answer the question, “what were the best books you read this year?” I’ll begin posting the responses today, but this year I’d like to open that question up to everyone who reads The Millions, and I will share the responses here on the blog over the course of this month.

These best books can be old or new, fiction or non-fiction, and primarily I’m interested in hearing about the books that you read this year that will stick with you long after the New Years parties are over. So, if you’d like, please send along the best books from your year in reading to my email.

Update: I should have added this: When you send in your picks, give us a few sentences on what made your favorite books this year so great. (We’ve got some good responses so far. I’ll be posting them over the next few weeks.)

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