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April 27, 2006 | 1 book mentioned 2

Time to have some fun with Google. Using the wildcard “*” character I searched Google to see how different famous writers are characterized on random Web pages. I entered searches like “Jonathan Franzen is * writer” to see what would come up for the “*” and pulled the adjectives all into one sentence for each writer. The links go to the sites where the adjectives came from. Arbitrary, but oddly poetic:

Jonathan Franzen is… an accomplished, incredibly gifted, curmudgeonly Luddite, talented, serious, rare, amazing, better, American writer.

Zadie Smith is… a talented, talented, talented, terribly talented, young, Dickensian, gifted, terrible, very good writer.

Jonathan Safran Foer is… a great great, young, great, prehensile, no ordinary, Generation X, very talented, definitely a wunderkind, very talented, uniquely gifted and imaginative writer.

Ok, that was fun. How about these guys:

James Frey is… an amazing, great, Bestselling, hardly the first, still a great, only, wonderful writer.

J.T. Leroy is… a critically acclaimed, fabulous, Incredible, active, the best, truly amazing, fantastic, fiction writer.

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  1. Mark Twain is * writer
    an excellent, the quintessential American, a truly American, the greatest American, arguably America's greatest, America's greatest, unquestionably my favorite, the funniest American, a classic American, indisputably the greatest, considered a southern

    Shakespeare is * writer
    indeed the greatest, arguably the greatest, possibly the greatest, unquestionably the greatest, undoubtedly the greatest, surely the greatest…. (yawn)

    Dr. Suess is * writer
    a very good, a very creative, a famous kid's, a brilliant, the best [writer for childrens books]

    Hunter S. Thompson is * writer
    the BEST damn, an amazing, a freelance, undoubtedly an interesting, a funny and clever, my favorite, a genius, an illustrious, a talented, an amazing fucking, an awesome, a very insightful, one heck of a, dead

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