Trending away from hardcovers

March 26, 2006 | 2

There was lots of discussion late last week about Ed Wyatt’s NY Times article talking about publishers “offering books by lesser-known authors only as ‘paperback originals,’ forgoing the higher profits afforded by publishing a book in hardcover for a chance at attracting more buyers and a more sustained shelf life.” I’m all for this development as are many other folks. Sarah at GalleyCat commented, as did Miss Snark, who led me to Levi Asher making some very good points at LitKicks. I’m not a big fan of hardcovers, either. Personally, I prefer pocket paperbacks when I can get them.

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  1. Two of the loveliest books I've read over the past year–Kirby Gann's "Our Napoleon in Rags" and Ander Monson's "Other Electricities"–were paperback originals. So I vote yes!

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