A Traveler’s Return

December 2, 2003 | 1 book mentioned

As I write this my old friend Cem is nearing home after almost nine months of traveling the world. Here’s a little note he sent me about Maqroll.

i dont think ive told you. i never finished the book. i have been slowly savoring
the entirety Maqroll throughout the whole of this trip. i have managed to spread
the 700 pages out, making the book my only constant through the time zones. this
was partly an attempt to reflect the character himself, his love for that dead
french scribbler whose name i cannot pronounce or remember, his careful rereading
of the text.

another element of my devoted fanaticism is the habit i have developed of scratching
or writing certain quotes from the book certain places ive been. most of these
quotes have been the memorable bathroom wall etchings from ‘the snow of the
admiral’, and indeed some of these quotes have been etched onto the walls of filthy
bathrooms. under mattresses in the most tranquil places in southern thailand.

i have been trying to put them in places where travelers and english/spanish
speakers might find them, but this has been somewhat difficult at times (eastern
myanmar). im sure some people have seen them already. i did not limit the
quotations with actual quote marks.

after all of my bags have been unpacked, i will read the last 5 pages. then the
trip is over.

Welcome back Cem!

created The Millions and is its publisher. He and his family live in New Jersey.

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