Ask A Book Question: The Sixth in a Series (Santa and the Romans)

September 9, 2003

Richard Smith writes in trying to track down what sounds like a very cool story. Hopefully someone can help him out

I read a story in a compilation book in the 70’s about Santa Claus, but you didn’t know it was about Santa Claus. I want to know how to get a copy again. It was about a centurion called Claudius who was at the crucifixion. Does anyone know what it is called and who wrote it?

Well, I googled this one for about an hour and couldn’t come up with anything. There seem to be several Christian storytellers who have written first person accounts of the crucifixion, many of which are very interesting, but none that I could find include Santa Claus. Of course, there are also many dozens of great stories and legends about Santa Claus, but, again, none that I could find had a basis in Ancient Rome. If I had better access to a good library I bet I could figure this out, but, alas, I do not. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful, but maybe someone else out there has heard of this or knows their way around those great library databases. If you knows this story, please let us know by pressing the comment link below. Good luck on your search, Richard!

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