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December 14, 2005

A Year in Reading by Andrew Saikali 0


This was the year I played catch-up. My failing as a reader has always been my near-total ignorance of contemporary authors (say, those that emerged in my own lifetime). That all changed this year thanks to some wonderful recommendations from my Millions cohorts. In no time at all I was transfixed by Alvaro Mutis (The […]

December 12, 2005

A Year in Reading: Marcy Dermansky 0


Marcy Dermansky is a New York author whose debut novel, Twins, came out this fall. It’s been getting good reviews, including a mention in the New York Times this weekend. Marcy was kind enough to share with us the best book she read this year: Notice by Heather Lewis – Not since Haruki Murakami’s Underground […]

December 10, 2005

A Year in Reading: No Saddies Allowed 0


Edan and I once ran a book club together. Once a month we would guide our herd of readers through our most recent selection. Not all of them would read the book, but we didn’t mind. Our only rule was “no saddies allowed.” East of Eden (or, as I like to call it, East of […]

December 8, 2005

A Year in Reading: Kirby Gann 0


As the “A Year in Reading” series continues, I asked Kirby Gann, author of Our Napoleon in Rags, to share with us the best book he read all year. Here’s what he said: After thinking over what books I read this past year that have stayed with me, I think I’d have to choose A […]

December 6, 2005

A Year in Reading: An Emerging Best of List 0


Last year, Dan Wickett, proprietor of the Emerging Writers Network and its accompanying blog sent me his list of best books by emerging writers. The post was a big hit, and he was kind enough to share this year’s list with us. Enjoy: Novels American Purgatorio by John Haskell (interview, audio) – Haskell follows up […]

December 4, 2005

A Year in Reading: Conversational Reading 0


As the “A Year in Reading” series continues, I asked Scott, who runs one of my favorite blogs Conversational Reading, to share the best book he read all year. Not his favorite thing to do, but he indulged us nonetheless. I hate picking my favorite of anything. I always feel like it’s so arbitrary, that […]

December 1, 2005

A Year in Reading: the Best, the Rest and the Disappointments 0


Among the people I asked to contribute to this year’s “Year in Reading,” are readers that I admire. Garth reads a great deal more than me and can digest the voluminous input impressively (just wish he’d start blogging again!). He’s also the guy responsible for the great Lawrence Weschler reading list I posted early this […]

December 1, 2005

A Year in Reading: Golden Rule Jones 0


I asked Sam at Golden Rule Jones for the “best” book he read all year, and he came back with a literary biography that many were talking about this year (Scott, Bookish, Moorish) I don’t know about “best,” but the funniest, saddest, most interesting, and most (oddly) inspiring book I read this year was Jonathan […]

November 29, 2005

A Year in Reading: Pete Lit’s List 0


At the end of the year lots of newspapers and media outlets release “best of the year” lists. It’s nice to have a record of the year’s literary highlights, but the lists do not represent the experience of any real readers. Sure, we may read handful of brand new books each year, but these are […]

November 28, 2005

A Year in Reading: Three bests from Language Hat 0


Last year I asked a bunch of people, “what was the best book you read all year?” And throughout the month of December I posted the responses. Well, I’m doing it again this year and it looks to be even bigger and better. This time around, we’ll be hearing from authors, bloggers and readers. Our […]