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March 18, 2009

The Millions’ Collaborative Atlas of Book Stores and Literary Places 47


Update: Because Google’s tools for maintaining this map are limited, and because the map was getting frequent spammy and irrelevant edits, we’ve closed the editing feature on the map for now. In the meantime, the map includes plenty of stores and places to check out. Hopefully we’ll be able to allow people to add to […]

March 17, 2009

Islands in the Stream: Our “Walking Tour of New York’s Independent Bookstores,” Revised and Expanded 19


**We’re doing a version of this tour in May. Click here to get all the details. I. Introduction By the time our original “Walking Tour of New York’s Independent Bookstores” hit the web in 2007, its first stop – the Gotham Book Mart – had closed its doors for good. As I type these words, […]

April 21, 2007

Islands in the Stream: A Walking Tour of New York’s Independent Booksellers 8


“Experience has fallen in value. And it looks as if it is continuing to fall into bottomlessness.” “It is no longer intelligence coming from afar, but the information which supplies a handle for what is nearest that gets the readiest hearing.” –Walter Benjamin, “The Storyteller.” Illuminations, trans. Harry Zohn. When it comes to a reputation […]