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February 10, 2017

Borges, Burgin, and Infinity 2


None of his books of fiction got the attention that the Borges book did. But, he says with a smile, ‘I’ve never met a writer who feels like he or she got as much as they deserved.’

February 7, 2017

Form Reveals Poems for the Machines They Are: The Millions Interviews Saara Myrene Raappana 1


I’m for the usefulness that can be found in what’s broken. I’ll stand for that any day.

February 6, 2017

Free Speech Is a Black-and-White Issue: The Millions Interviews Paul Auster 2


Our country is built on these two primal sins: the sin of slavery and the sin of genocide. We can’t really become a fully functioning, mature country unless we own up to how we started.

January 26, 2017

Across the Boundaries: A Conversation with Sonya Chung and Rion Amilcar Scott 0


Ordinary people don’t go out looking for mythical drug dealers after mistaken identity encounters; that’s an insane thing to do and I don’t recommend it.

January 13, 2017

The System Is Rigged: The Millions Interviews Leland Cheuk 9


An argument can be made that the big houses are really in the business of publishing cookbooks, celebrity memoirs, and adult coloring pads.

November 30, 2016

How Do I Know I Want to Publish a Book? Vague Nausea: The Millions Interviews Danielle Dutton 0


And this is very often the case, that it’ll take only moments for me to sense that I’ve found the right next book — when this is happening, in those rare and wonderful moments, I actually feel somewhat physically unwell. It’s like I’m literally being overwhelmed by what I’m reading.

November 22, 2016

Two Kinds of Aboutness: The Millions Interviews Michael Chabon 1


Memoirs are bullshit to some degree. I don’t mean memoirists are liars; some might be, most are not. I know memoirists try to be scrupulous and try not to deviate from what they remember. It’s the last few words of my sentence where the bullshit comes in. Of course what you remember is a lie or a distortion.

November 17, 2016

Writing the Great Psychological Experiment: The Millions Interviews Margot Livesey 0


I am still a little surprised by how deeply interested I am in moral choices. Clearly I was paying more attention in my Scottish Sunday school than I realized. I remain deeply puzzled — I’d have to say indignant — that as adults we can find ourselves in situations where there is no obvious right thing to do.

November 3, 2016

The Translator Talks Back: Megan McDowell Interviews Gonzalo Torné 0


Barcelona is a bilingual city where two languages mix together with no problem, and it’s very common to take part in conversations where every participant speaks in the language he or she finds most comfortable. That’s why I turn to so many words in Catalan: they are floating in the ether.

November 2, 2016

Whatever You’re Not Allowed to Talk About Is What You’re Obsessing About 0


Nineteenth-century doctor John Harvey Kellogg had an obsession with masturbation. Kellogg’s cereal was invented to keep bowels and genitals clear of congestion.