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January 30, 2007

Maps Added to Google Books 8


The result isn’t that flashy, but Google’s addition of Maps to its Google Book Search points to the promise of digitizing books. As we have seen with the layers of data that Amazon has added to its database – things like Statistically Improbable Phrases and Capitalized Phrases – digitization of books makes it easy for […]

January 12, 2007

HarperCollins Inks Deal with Digital Book Firm 1


One of last year’s big stories, the publishers’ battle with Google over control of digitized books, has been on the back burner in recent months, but an aggressive move by HarperCollins is pushing it back into the spotlight In late 2005, Harper, already vocal about its displeasure with Google over the search engine giant’s digital […]

November 25, 2006

Google Books Finds Forgotten Plagiarists 0


At Slate, Paul Collins points out that Google Book Search heralds a new era of outing plagiarists. The searchable database of many thousands of books is a boon to researchers, but it also greatly eases the discovery of co-opted passages. Collins mentions a couple of examples and posits that “given the popularity of plagiarism-seeking software […]

October 20, 2006

Google Books Copyright Case Drags On 0


This week, there were a pair of updates on the copyright cases against Google that are being brought by publishers and authors. Initially, the two groups had been pursuing two separate complaints against Google, but this week Judge John Sprizzo consolidated the two cases into one. According to MarketWatch: “Sprizzo’s streamlining was inevitable because the […]

October 16, 2006

The Death of Newspaper Book Sections 6


Publishers Weekly has a very interesting article about newspaper book sections which points out that, with the exception of the New York Times, book review sections do not bring in enough ad revenue to cover their costs. Those of us who follow the newspaper industry are used to hearing all ills blamed on declining readership, […]

October 6, 2006

Google’s Odd Bestseller List 0


In order to promote its Google Book Search at the Frankfurt Book Fair, the search engine released a list of the most viewed books on the service from September 17th through 23rd, and it doesn’t much resemble the bestseller lists that commonly appear in newspapers. The titles range from Diversity and Evolutionary Biology of Tropical […]

October 6, 2006

Sony Reader on its Way 2


The launch of the Sony Reader is drawing nearer, and it has garnered another mostly positive review, this time from the Washington Post. The Reader gets high marks for its look and feel, as well as its ability to increase the font size for readers with vision trouble. With “twice the pixel density of most […]

September 21, 2006

Amazon Ramps Up More “Community” Features 0


Amazon has further tangled and interconnected its product pages by adding comments to its customer reviews. Amazon also now allows you to search across Customer Reviews and “Listmania” lists. The comments on reviews up the interactivity quotient on Amazon pages by several notches, turning the comments into the equivalent of a topical blog with dozens […]

September 13, 2006

Google Highlights Banned Books 0


Google has put together a special page on its “Books” site devoted to frequently banned books in recognition of “Banned Books Week,” the American Library Association initiative to protect intellectual freedom and raise awareness about attempts to ban books. This year, the event takes place from September 23 to 30. The Google tie in to […]

September 6, 2006

New Data on Google Books 0


Various book blogs have been pointing to the story, which says that Google Book Search is causing people to buy books. The story points to data from Hitwise, a research firm, which shows that 15.93% of Google Book Search UK users click through to book store sites from Google’s site, with Amazon UK being […]