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August 17, 2004

Ask a Book Question: The Twenty-third in a Series (Bringing a Book to Hollywood) 0


Rick writes in wanting to know how he can lay the groundwork for a big-screen version of a bestselling novel. Does anybody know if (or how to find out if) someone has the motion picture rights to Leon Uris’ novel Trinity? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks I can’t tell you all how pleased I […]

February 21, 2004

Literary Hollywood 0


When I lived in Washington, DC, I remember there being a slew of excitement in the local newspapers and in local bookstores when a book like Primary Colors came out. Local interest is a big seller in books, especially when there’s scandal involved. Here in Los Angeles this means that books about Hollywood get top […]

December 14, 2003

Do-Te-Do Do-Te-Do 0


I saw an incredible movie on Friday night, The Triplets of Belleville. It’s a very odd French, animated film. Barely two words are spoken the entire film; instead it is all raucous song and a canvas that is blissfully full of movement and energy. It was a joy to watch. Here’s the trailer. More Woody […]