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May 11, 2008

The Millions Interview: Daniel Radosh 0


Daniel Radosh’s Rapture Ready! is a sociological experiment of sorts. What happens if the liberal leaning, Jewish New Yorker embarks on a hands on exploration of the parallel world of Christian pop culture, one that takes him to Midwestern Christian Lollapaloozas, Bibleman appearances, and Christian themed pro wrestling matches? The result is a book that […]

March 21, 2008

A Conversation with Adam Mansbach 0


Buzz Poole, the managing editor of Mark Batty Publisher, has written for the likes of The Believer, PRINT, Village Voice and the San Francisco Chronicle. He is also the author of Madonna of the Toast, a look at the cultural ramifications of unexpected religious and secular icons. Keep up with his adventures in surprising iconography […]

February 24, 2008

Short stories and the cell phone: An Interview with writer Barry Yourgrau 1


Although cell phone novels might at first appear to be a uniquely Japanese phenomenon, one of the form’s pioneers is a South African transplant to the U.S., writer Barry Yourgrau. Barry’s book “Keitai Stories,” a collection of short “flash” stories, was released for cell phones by a prominent Japanese publishing house, before making the transition […]

November 20, 2007

The Millions Interview: Kevin Sites 0


Kevin Sites, author of In the Hot Zone, shed some light to his experiences in an interview with The Millions last week. An edited text of the transcript appears below, please see yesterday’s post for more on In the Hot Zone. The Millions: Did you always have the idea of a book when you embarked […]

June 12, 2007

Jeff Hobbs in His Own Words 0


The Tourists, the debut offering from young novelist Jeff Hobbs, is a book about four college friends at Yale who, seven or so years removed from New Haven, find themselves reconnected in New York City. The tie that binds them is lust and longing, and also a certain “how did I get here?” melancholy. The […]

February 8, 2007

Literary Magazines: A Roundtable, Part 3 0


For Part 3 of our Literary Magazines Roundtable, we talked to Christopher D. Salyers, one of the editors of the New York-based SIC. Salyers comes from a design background, and it shows. The first issue of SIC has a beautiful cover, and, better yet, fits in your back pocket for ease of transport. The Millions: […]

February 7, 2007

Literary Magazines: A Roundtable, Part 2 4


Next up in our series of interviews with lit-mag editors is Yasmine Alwan, co-founder of the Brooklyn-based Tantalum. Yasmine, an old colleague of mine from NYU, is herself a talented fabulist whose work has appeared in such well-regarded publications as NOON. After earning her M.F.A., Yasmine started Tantalum with her pal Cynthia Nelson. The first […]

February 5, 2007

Literary Magazines: A Roundtable, Part I 6


Aside from the money, the fame, and the groupies, publishing a literary magazine these days can be a thankless task. There are hundreds – maybe thousands – of good writers out there, but there are almost as many publications, and few of them pay professional rates. Print is expensive, and it can be difficult to […]

November 14, 2005

Richard Nash of Soft Skull on Google Print 0


I’ve been writing a lot about Google Print lately. We know that the major publishers are not happy about Google’s book-related efforts, but I wanted to know what small publishers thought about the chance to put their books online via Google. I decided to get in touch with Richard Nash, publisher of Brooklyn’s Soft Skull […]