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November 5, 2003

Ask A Book Question: The ninth in a Series: (A Classic of Self-discovery) 0


Hey folks, another question, which made me recall one of my favorite books. Maybe I should reread this one some time soon. Here ya go: Salvatore Nicholas Mastropaolo writes:What is the “story Line” of Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha? I THANK YOU- Well, I thank you for writing in Sal. Herman Hesse wrote Siddhartha in 1922, and […]

November 1, 2003

Ask A Book Question: The eighth in a Series: (Books for Li’l Einsteins) 0


I hope everyone had a good Halloween. Here in Southern California, it decided to rain for the first time in about six months, bad for outdoor costume parties (like the one I attended), but good for quelling forest fires. Now the rain is gone and the sun is back and I’m pleased to announce the […]

September 9, 2003

Ask A Book Question: The Seventh in a Series (Calling All Readers of Hesse) 1


C. Ryan Edwards wrote in hoping to jumpstart a discussion on one of his favorite authors, Hermann Hesse: I was hoping to start some discussion of one of my favorite books by mentioning hesses’s the glass bead game or magister ludi whichever one wishes to call it. Have you read it? It did gain hesse […]

September 9, 2003

Ask A Book Question: The Sixth in a Series (Santa and the Romans) 0


Richard Smith writes in trying to track down what sounds like a very cool story. Hopefully someone can help him out I read a story in a compilation book in the 70’s about Santa Claus, but you didn’t know it was about Santa Claus. I want to know how to get a copy again. It […]

September 1, 2003

Ask a Book Question: The Fifth in a Series (The Russians Are Coming) 0


All of a sudden I’ve worked my way pretty quickly through the pile of books I have lying around, so I was digging through my shelves looking for what to read next. I dug up an old copy of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov that I’d come across on a book finding expedition a while […]

August 25, 2003

Ask a Book Question: The Fourth in a Series (What’s in a Name) 0


Garth poses this topic: Here’s a fun, listy book question based solely on opinion (these are my specialty): titles. As you can tell from the blank subject line above, titles are hard for me. I’ve always admired Hemingway’s titles, and I was just reading East of Eden, when I thought, damn, that’s a good title. […]

August 19, 2003

Ask a Book Question: The Third in a Series (The Constructive Subversive) 0


Cem’s travels have continued. As one of the few Westerners to visit Burma (recently, anyway), he has decided to take advantage of the opportunity by bringing along some literature that might be of use to the Burmese. Good luck and be careful Cem! I am heading into Mandalay via Air Mandalay the day after tomorrow. […]

August 15, 2003

Ask a Book Question: The Second in a Series (More thoughts on yesterday’s question and new speculation today) 0


Garth and Elise had some aditional thoughts on yesterday’s question: Elise, daughter of a children’s librarian and a great afficianado of too-smart-for-kids-too-fun-for-adults fantasy, likes the Garth Nix books (Lirael, Sabriel, and something else I can’t remember). I used to love Lloyd Alexander’s Taran Wanderer. Also, the Neil Gaiman/Terry Pratchett collabo Good Omens is pretty awesome. […]

August 14, 2003

Ask a Book Question: The First in a Series (Life After Harry) 0


Heather wrote in with a great question about life after Harry Potter: Recently I have devoured the series of books by Philip Pullman called “His Dark Materials” (The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass). While the shelf at the bookstore I found them in was young adult and science fiction/fantasy, I felt […]

August 11, 2003

New Feature… Ask a Book Question 0


As promised, I have added a new feature to The Millions. I know it doesn’t look pretty, but I’m hoping it will get the job done. If you haven’t already read the sidebar on the right, it explains what I’m trying to do, but I have a few other things to mention as well. I […]