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April 12, 2005

Ask a Book Question: The 38th in a Series (The Fiction of LA) 0


Edan writes in with this question: In preparation for this novel I’d like to write, I am restricting (most) of my reading to novels/stories about Los Angeles. So far, I’ve read the very entertaining and very haunting The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy, and am just now starting Southland by Nina Revoyr. Can you recommend […]

April 9, 2005

Ask a Book Question: The 37th in a Series (Prater? Violet?) 0


Linara writes in with a question about Christopher Isherwood’s classic, Prater Violet: What does the title Prater Violet imply? what is Prater Violet? The Prater is a large public park in Vienna that contains amusement park rides, a planetarium and other attractions. (Learn more about The Prater here) The book Prater Violet is about the […]

March 16, 2005

Ask a Book Question: The 36th in a Series (Beyond Eco, Way Beyond Da Vinci) 1


John writes in with this question: Anyway, I have a question about a book: As an Umberto Eco fan, and having read Foucault’s Pendulum and loved it, I am skittish about becoming physically ill if I read The Da Vinci Code. Should I be worried? Did Eco already write the book and Brown stupidize it? […]

February 27, 2005

Ask a Book Question: The 35th in a Series (Oprah’s Classics) 0


Joan writes in with this question: I loved the regular Oprah Book Club and her Classics selections have made wonderful new or re-reading. The last Oprah Classic I know of is Anna Karenina, last summer. Can you tell me if there have been more recent Oprah Classics? Thanks so much. Much as I am tempted, […]

January 16, 2005

Ask a Book Question: The 34th in a Series (Literary Science) 0


Brian sent me an email asking if we could recommend some books: I’ve been wanting to read some science books lately, anything from pop-science Oliver Sacks type stuff, to the more esoteric… from astronomy to geology to bird-watching to physics, etc… I just don’t know where to start. You have any suggestions? Oliver Sacks is […]

January 14, 2005

Ask a Book Question: The 33nd in a Series (Presidential Reading) 0


Harry writes in with this question about Kennedy’s reading habits. I have read that one of JFK’s favorite books was about the social mores of the English Royalty and their attitudes toward the commoners. Would you be able tell me anything about that? Americans like to get to know their presidents. We hear about their […]

January 8, 2005

Ask a Book Question: The 32nd in a Series (To Jest or Not to Jest) 0


Millions contributor and all-around great guy, Emre, wrote in with this question: Have you read or heard anything on Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace? I am debating whether or not to wrestle with it after Don Quixote and cannot decide if it will exhaust or enthrall me… I have never read Infinite Jest, though […]

November 10, 2004

Ask a Book Question: The 31st in a Series (Who is Wells Tower?) 2


Lou writes in trying to track down some info on a young writer: What can you tell me about the writer Wells Tower? I’ve only seen three published works by him, but his writing is quite amazing. His piece in the newest Pushcart Prize was brilliant. I hadn’t heard of Wells Tower before Lou wrote […]

October 21, 2004

Ask a Book Question: The 30th in a Series (Lists of Books) 0


Jason writes in with this question: Is there a single site just listing new releases from a wide range of publishers? Oh, how I wish there were. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why no one seems to keep lists like this. There are scads of places you can find new music releases, […]

October 11, 2004

Ask a Book Question: The 29th in a Series (I Coulda Been a Contendah) 0


Christian writes in to ask about a Hollywood star crossing over into the literary world: What’s this talk about a novel (co)written by the late Marlon Brando soon to be published? This is a story that has surfaced because of developments at last week’s Frankfurt Book Fair. Apparently years ago Brando toyed with the idea […]