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October 28, 2008

Ask a Book Question: #68 (Building a 21st Century Contemporary Fiction Syllabus) 27


Gene writes in with this question: I currently teach a high school English course called 21st Century Literature, and I’ve hit a bit of a block these last few weeks in trying to put together this year’s syllabus. We currently read Eggers’ A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, Lethem’s The Fortress of Solitude, Zadie Smith’s […]

October 13, 2008

Ask a Book Question: The 67th in a Series (The Concierge) 1


Theresa writes in with this request: I saw a book at Barnes & Noble one day. It was on the new book table. But there was only one copy, and not sure if it’s a new book translation or someone just dropped the book on the table. The book was a translation and fiction. The […]

October 1, 2008

Ask a Book Question: The 66th in a Series (A Little NBA Speculation) 8


Chall writes in with this question: Any National Book Award predictions? Awards season is upon us. The Booker shortlist is out, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature will be announced in the next week or so, and the National Book Award finalists will be named on October 15th. Chall’s question gives us an […]

August 26, 2008

Ask a Book Question: The 65th in a Series (Poetry in the Waning Days of Summer) 4


Michael wrote in with this question: For some reason (an end of summer shortening of attention span, perhaps) I’m in the mood for poetry, so I was wondering if, in the interest of discussing that other form of literature, the crew at The Millions could suggest some favorite poems, poets or poetry collections (the latter […]

August 16, 2008

Ask a Book Question: The 64th in a Series (Closed Room Mysteries) 6


Judy wrote in with this question: What is a “closed room mystery?” I came across this term in the blurbs for the ARC of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson, which I have been assigned to read for a certain project. I googled the term and got some hints, such as that […]

June 25, 2008

Ask a Book Question: The 63rd in a Series (Chicago Stories) 12


Rob writes in with this question: I’m a seventeen year old who is going to be spending five weeks this summer in Chicago (to be specific – Evanston, since I’ll be part of Northwestern’s summer high school music institute). I’m a life-long New Jerseyan, and have never been in the city of broad shoulders for […]

June 23, 2008

Ask a Book Question: The 62nd in a Series (Book Review Aggregators) 5


Margaret wrote in with the question: Why does there not exist (or if it does exist, why isn’t it easy to find) a website for books analogous to Rotten Tomatoes for movies? Wouldn’t that be one way to drive traffic to newspaper book reviews? (In their online form, at least; that would have the added […]

June 19, 2008

Ask a Book Question: The 61st in a Series (World War II Books for Younger Readers) 2


We compiled some excellent lists of World War II fiction and non-fiction a while back, but one topic that wasn’t broached during those discussions was books about the war for younger readers. Ryo wrote in with a question that has spurred us to close that gap: Im a Thirteen Year Old Boy who is interested […]

May 20, 2008

Ask a Book Question (#60): Suicide Notes 10


Reese wrote in with this question: I’m a student at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA focusing mostly on literature. Over the summer I’m attempting to do an independent study of suicide in art and literature. The only thing is, I’m having trouble formulating a reading list. While I can certainly think of a […]

May 1, 2008

Ask a Book Question (#59): Books for Recent Graduates 4


Bryan wrote in with this question: I’m a 2007 graduate of Columbia. I majored in American Studies with a concentration in 20th century American literature. I’m a huge fan of the Millions. I’m attaching a recent reading list, if there’s any chance you’d be interested in giving a book recommendation [based on it], that would […]