Articles by Stefanie Peters

October 20, 2015

Tell It Again: On Rewriting Shakespeare 1

Why do we return again and again to Shakespeare’s plays, why do we keep rewriting them? Is it in hope that some of his genius will rub off? Are we searching for new possibilities for interpretation, hoping to mine new ore out of well covered ground? Or are we going toe-to-toe, trying our strength against the acknowledged genius of English literature?

April 23, 2014

450 Years of Juliets: On Women Making Shakespeare 2

The history of women interacting with Shakespeare’s plays is also the history of women’s rights, suffrage, and of the feminist movement. Shakespeare has been, and is, an uneasy ally.

November 22, 2013

The Writing of ‘Hand D’: On Shakespeare’s Collaborative Career 6

Why would Shakespeare involve himself in trying to patch up a play already rejected by Tilney for containing dangerous material, and not only be involved, but agree to write one of the stickiest scenes in the play? It certainly challenges popular conceptions of Shakespeare.

May 18, 2010

Found (Again): Shakespeare’s Lost Play Double Falsehood 6

The fascinating history behind Shakespeare’s “lost” play and the new research that suggests it is real and, therefore, the closest we can get to a new work by the master from Stratford.