Articles by John McIntyre

May 22, 2017

A Moment of Grace: The Millions Interviews Helen Garner 1

There are men who still somewhere deep inside them have an unconscious fantasy that one day they’ll be helpless again. And they don’t want the person who’s going to be looking after them to be thinking, ‘Fuck you, I wish you’d die in the night.’

September 13, 2013

Something Stark and Essential: On Alexander Maksik’s A Marker to Measure Drift 0

The writing is clear and economical, and to Maksik’s credit it never competes with Jacqueline’s ongoing plight. Add a plot so tightly focused on her immediate hardships and the unbreakable link to her mother, whose voice comes to her in memory with advice both wanted and unwanted, and Maksik seems to have set up an absolute gauntlet for himself.

April 22, 2013

Losing Iain Banks 7

Watching news of Iain Banks’s diagnosis spread was remarkable. He had meant a great deal to many discerning readers. A feeling of sudden urgency surprised me. The only response that seemed appropriate was to read his work.

September 28, 2011

Journeys to the Past: André Aciman’s Alibis: Essays on Elsewhere 2

Aciman views the places he visits – Rome, Barcelona, Paris, Tuscany, and New York, among other locales – not with the wondering, landmark-seeking eye of a tourist, but with the speculative, assessing eye of a potential resident.