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September 18, 2007

Tuesday Links: Power, ReCaptcha, Junot Diaz 1

Experience “THE POWER OF BOOKS“ You know those annoying puzzles where you type in the letters so the computer knows you’re not a computer creating a fake account or sending spam? A group from Carnegie Mellon is using these “Captchas” to help digitize books. ReCaptcha is a special type of Captcha that displays words that […]

September 12, 2007

Wednesday Links: Honorary Awards; Scottish Flood; Book Sale 0

Joan Didion and NPR uber-interviewer Terry Gross will be honored at the National Book Awards ceremony in November. Dideon won a National Book Award in 2005 for her memoir The Year of Magical Thinking. The National Library of Scotland flooded yesterday thanks to a faulty sprinkler system. It was a close call: “Some modern books […]

September 9, 2007

In Pictures 1

A collection of striking photos of numerous well-known contemporary writers, in two galleries. Somehow these pictures exude the literary. Blogger lonelysandwich makes the only half toungue-in-cheek observation that the original cover of tennis fan David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest shares a color scheme with those Andre Agassi Nikes that were all the rage in the […]

September 4, 2007

Tuesday Links: Saunders Blogs; Quarterly Conversation; New Yorker Festival 1

George Saunders is taking up residence at the Powell’s Blog this week as he embarks on a book tour promoting his latest (released today), The Braindead Megaphone. To my knowledge, it is Saunders’ first foray into blogging, a format we discussed nearly two years ago (scroll down). His concern: “I worry about how much I […]

July 19, 2007

Thursday Links 0

The Rake is at it again, taking The Believer down a peg. Adventures in niche publishing: A new Paris Review? Simon at Bloggasm considers Harriet Klausner, the widely reviled #1 reviewer at Amazon. And, finally, some spot-on humor at the New Yorker this week.

May 17, 2007

Thursday Links 0

LA Weekly writes up the Los Angeles indie bookstore scene, of which I was once a part. Book Soup, my former place of employment, gets a nice and quite accurate writeup. I’ve never shared my stories on the blog, but, for example, the stuff about Faye Dunaway and Elton John is true. Tyson, the star […]

May 5, 2007

Weekend Links 0

This past week at the LBC was a lot of fun. We discussed the book I nominated, The Cottagers by Marshall Klimasewiski. If you missed it, you should check it out, particularly Friday’s podcast which includes an appearance by yours truly. In other podcast news, Ed, who is an accomplished podcaster, tried and failed to […]

April 17, 2007

Tuesday Links: More LBC, Bookride, Vonnegut 0

My nominee for this round has been posted at the LBC blog. Though it didn’t grab my cohorts enough to be named our “Read This” pick, I do highly recommend it. I recently happened upon bookride, a blog by a rare book dealer that each day posts about a valuable book, explaining why the book […]

March 29, 2007

Thursday Links 0

Alas, the Tournament of Books is over for my bracket as it was revealed that the “Zombie Round” brought Against the Day and Absurdistan back into the competition. With my finalists now officially out of the competition my bracket is dead, and it looks like I’ll finish in the middle of the pack. Meanwhile, fresh […]

March 22, 2007

Thursday Links 0

An illustration of why Cliffs Notes are never a substitute for the real thing. The Britannica Blog looks at “fun facts” about the 1,000 most popularly held books in libraries around the world, including this item: “Which author has the most works on the OCLC Top 1000 list? William Shakespeare (with 37 works). He is […]