Adonal Foyle: Baller, Reader

April 15, 2007 | 2 books mentioned 1

Adonal Foyle, the former basketball standout at Colgate who has had a long career with the Golden State Warriors, has an impressive Web site that includes his very own book club. The club’s current pick, The Da Vinci Code isn’t terribly inspired, but I’m nonetheless impressed that an NBA star is broadcasting his love of reading. Note as well Foyle’s “Top 10 Books” which includes an ample mix of basketball books and political non-fiction with a leftward-leaning bent.

via the Freakonomics blog, where a commenter has noted another NBA player with a literary side, Washington’s Etan Thomas who has published a book of poetry.

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  1. Adonal Foyle went to high school and college about ten miles from where I grew up. Watching him decimate my high school basketball team (whose center was a sprightly 6'5") was one of the most entertaining sports moments of my life.

    Etan Thomas played his college ball at Syracuse, about twenty miles from my hometown. What am I getting at here? Nothing, except that Upstate New York is obviously a hot bed of literary basketball players.

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